Pool Covers

Carrdan has recently partnered with Pool Guard Manufacturing, a pool safety manufacturer for over 25 years dedicated to “Making Pools Safe for Kids.” Carrdan, which has many years of experience within the property preservation industry, saw the need to add pool safety covers to their product line in order to provide additional convenience to their existing clientele as well as to attract new clientele with an all-inclusive shopping experience for those in the property preservation work space. Pool Guard has had a peer-to-peer relationship with Carrdan for more than three years through trade shows and by being Carrdan’s go-to source for various cover related questions and needs. It is only now that the time is right to fortify that partnership with an exclusive supply agreement for this market segment. The goal of the Carrdan / Pool Guard partnership is to build a better, more efficient supply chain to serve the property preservation community while staying true to Pool Guard’s objective of “Making Pools Safe for Kids.”

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